This article first appeared in CEO Monthly

For real, tangible business growth having a positive culture in the workplace is essential. This requires having healthy day-to-day attitudes, behaviours and work ethics within an organisation.

For those boards who have put off reviewing the culture at their business because they were in crisis mode during the pandemic, now is the time to undertake a review. With the world experiencing another crisis with the invasion of Ukraine, uncertainty and volatility are the new normal.

Also, at a time of intense competition for talented people, the culture at organisations is an enabler or, in some cases, a limitation on being an “employer of choice”.

It is therefore timely for boards to assess the culture of the board and their organisation to ensure that the culture is fit for purpose to deliver long term growth.

John leads a global team at Integrity Governance that is focused on making boards more effective. A boardroom expert working with multinationals, SMEs, trade associations and not-for-profits, he provides practical, impartial advice to directors, business owners, executives and CEOs, to help improve board performance. He has 30 years of experience at director level in the corporate world, having worked at blue chip businesses including: Mars, Schroders and Goldman Sachs.

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