Board Reviews

Custom board evaluation to confirm strategic objectives, improve performance and develop your collective skill-sets

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Our expertise

Board assessment designed to optimise board effectiveness.

With our data-powered board evaluation document, you’ll get insights into the performance of each director and your entire board. Our team also provides ongoing feedback to assist in board development, advancing corporate governance standards and maximising director performance.

Our process

Comprehensive board appraisal and customised training for more informed decisions.

Our board appraisal process begins with a meticulously designed online survey of the board. This is followed by one-on-one meetings and interviews with directors and other nominated participants, resulting in a written analytical report. Regular constructive feedback, board workshops and tailored training sessions ensure continuous progress for the entire organisation.


Establish and authenticate board strategy and results to empower your board for future success.

Our experience in evaluating individual directors and boards guarantees we maintain a strong balance between objectives. We create goals and provide regular feedback to aid board growth with an emphasis on upskilling and behaviour change for both individuals and all of the board. We don’t just concentrate on past performance.

Why initiate a board review?

Company directors should assess themselves and their performance each year. Bringing in a third-party reviewer can foster more impartiality in the evaluation process, as well as guarantee stakeholders that board members are taking their duties seriously and are worthy of trust from investors/customers. A board review will:

  • strengthen trust and accountability among stakeholders
  • enhance board performance
  • provide directors with clearer understanding on how they can improve their performance
  • protect against potential corporate governance risks
  • maximise output from every board meeting
  • increase your organisation’s efficiency to help deliver on its commitments/goals
  • optimise shareholder value through improved board and company practices
  • introduce new insights and knowledge to board and management teams
  • provide a straightforward objective overview of your existing governance practices
  • teach more effectively by demonstrating what is actually happening

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The review of the Board and Individual directors conducted by Integrity Governance provided an objective, caring and sensitive opportunity for our board to reflect on our performance and how we continue to develop for the future.
The review conducted by Integrity Governance marked a step change in the way our board operates and in our performance.
Thank you for bringing objectivity and a creative approach to our board review.
Thank you – great process, great outcomes, thank you.

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