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Experienced company secretaries expert in specifically tailored company secretarial services designed to improve board performance

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Outsourced corporate secretarial services

Not many businesses have the budget for a full-time company secretary. That’s why we provide outsourced company secretaries who are facilitators. They ensure compliance and uphold the highest standards of corporate governance, whilst going the extra mile to support the overall proficiency of your board, chairs and directors. So you can focus on running your business.

Why use our services?

Our experienced company secretaries improve board performance and assist businesses in operating more smoothly.

Our Co-sec team cover an array of activities, such as company formation, company administration, company secretary services, and the registering of member services. An adept good company secretary can provide expert advice on all areas of corporate governance and compliance, and will make sure your company complies fully with all applicable regulations.

Board management is an involved and protracted task, and busy directors can find it difficult to keep on top of everything. An outsourced company secretary can carry out all of your organisation’s day-to-day operations.

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Our process

Industry-specific, the right fit for your business

Your tailored, diligent company secretary, or company secretarial administrator, is committed to your governance. A company secretarial services package may include:

  • 100% outsourced company secretarial services
  • Partnership support for internal secretariat teams
  • Secondments and project support
  • Board and committee meeting support (including attendance and minute-taking)
  • Seminars, workshops and technical briefings tailored to meet the needs of your board
  • Individual projects and corporate transactions (e.g. acquisitions, strike-off programmes, fundraising)
  • Legal compliance and governance analysis
  • Governance health assessment
  • Governance framework establishment and review
  • Design and implementation of policies and procedures
  • Post-acquisition support for both the board and secretariat
  • A named director, company secretary and registered office address

Our goal

Our informed service ensures your company complies with appropriate laws and regulations, all whilst remaining business-goal focused. The key element of our company secretarial support is building a strong working relationship. Developing trust in turn reflects the continuity, quality and care in our custom-crafted outsourced secretarial services. Our fees are competitive, and packages can be tailored to suit. For more details, please contact Eamon Roche.


Why hire a company secretary for your organisation?

The importance of a corporate secretary cannot be understated – they are responsible for assisting your company in dealing with local and UK law. They also have obligations to fulfill beyond merely facilitating compliance, such as dealing with financials or even understanding how the business runs in terms of its finances! Engaging one of our experts in this key role will save you time later on, when everything needs signing off.

If you require help with our company secretarial services, please contact the Integrity Governance team. Let’s discuss how we might help your business thrive by taking care of company secretarial services, board management and governance so that you can focus more on building your business instead of managing day-to-day operations.

Corporate Secretarial Services FAQs

  • What are the potential liabilities for a company secretary?

    A co-sec can face serious possible legal liabilities. They may be held personally responsible (along with directors – who have primary legal responsibility) for failures to comply with the Companies Act, and may be disqualified, prosecuted or made liable for company debts where the law is broken.

    A co-sec may incur fines or even criminal charges for failing to file the confirmation statement or accounts, and could be subject to criminal proceedings if a company trades fraudulently or if company funds are misappropriated.


  • What are other potential duties of the company secretary?

    The company secretary is often expected to take on other duties, particularly in small companies, such as VAT registration, PAYE and payroll, insurance and pensions, and even managing the company’s premises.

    Companies frequently ask secretaries to take on responsibility for legal matters, such as advising directors on their duties and ensuring they comply with the articles of association. A board may ask the co-sec to act as a signatory on their behalf. People dealing with the company are entitled to assume the secretary has authority to agree to contracts on the company’s behalf.


  • What must a company secretary file with Companies House?
    Responsibility for filing company documents at Companies House normally falls to the co-sec, who must file details of significant changes in company share capital or administration, and submit a confirmation statement every year. The co-sec is required to prepare and file various other documents, including the following:
    • A directors’ report.
    • Financial statements, including details of the company’s assets and liabilities.
    • An auditor’s report, unless the company qualifies for the small companies exemption.
    • A strategic report, including a business review.
    • A register of people with significant company control.
    Larger and quoted companies have additional reporting requirements, which can include their strategy and business model, and policies on the gender pay gap, human rights issues, their greenhouse gas emissions, and more. Non-compliance with filing requirements can cost you dearly. Your company may be subject to late filing penalties. Directors can face personal prosecution and fines, and the company can even be struck from the register of companies.
  • What organisations need a company secretary?

    Publicly listed companies are required by law to have at least one qualified company secretary who reports to the board of directors. However, many privately-owned companies also call on company secretarial services to ensure they comply with all relevant legislation and statutory obligations while making best use of limited resources.

  • What does an outsourced company secretary do?
    An outsourced company secretary provides both high level strategic support and hands-on help for their clients. As well as providing impartial advice and guidance to company directors on issues such as compliance with legal obligations and avoiding conflicts of interest, they also perform various tasks for clients that relieve the burden on the board. These include:
    • Corporate governance services
    • Board meeting assistance
    • Regulatory compliance
    • Company formations and Companies House filings
    • Sector-based company secretarial support
    • Quality assurance
    By outsourcing these functions to a company secretary, directors can focus on other aspects of running the business, safe in the knowledge that all company secretarial requirements are being taken care of.

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