Governance, Risk & Compliance Analysis

Highly strategic compliance outsourcing tailored to reduce the compliance burden for directors and board. We secure good governance practice that’s fit for purpose.

Our expertise

Cohesive support to engender greater board effectiveness

A number of company governance failures surfaced in the wake of the global financial crisis, resulting in corporate compliance becoming subject to increased scrutiny. Our methods align risk minimisation with transparent board and committee conduct for improved outcomes, and a better future. Our governance analysis team works closely with your board, investors, donors and regulators to engender increased overall board effectiveness.

Our process

Custom-designed corporate governance

Good company governance begins with a strong legal framework, then supports the gathering together of requisite documentation, processes, protocols and procedures within a congruous and robust corporate governance framework. We examine what works well, what needs to be redeveloped, re-written, or even thrown out altogether.

Our goal

Be better custodians and shapers of your organisation

Our experience in governance analysis and review will assist your board in utilising proficient, practical corporate governance and strategies to fulfil their roles. Our governance reviews are designed with the past/present/future of businesses in mind – we look beyond established legal and regulatory frameworks to consider the past, present and future of your business within a principled, value-based corporate governance framework.

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The review of the Board and Individual directors conducted by Integrity Governance provided an objective, caring and sensitive opportunity for our board to reflect on our performance and how we continue to develop for the future.
The review conducted by Integrity Governance marked a step change in the way our board operates and in our performance.
Thank you for bringing objectivity and a creative approach to our board review.
Thank you – great process, great outcomes, thank you.

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