What is a chairman?

The chairman plays a pivotal role in any company, acting as a leader and the face of the board. The chairperson oversees all operations and acts in the best interests of the company shareholders. The Chair presides over board meetings and is responsible for setting the agenda. They have a fiduciary responsibility to ensure that decisions made by the board are in line with their authority and are not detrimental to any stakeholders. Additionally, they may also represent the company externally at events or meetings with other firms or organisations as needed.

For this purpose, it is of the utmost importance that companies select an experienced, knowledgeable individual who can lead their organisation efficiently and effectively.

John is the Managing Partner of Integrity Governance. He specialises in working with businesses at a point of inflection, and boards and businesses under pressure due to change.

-Managing Partner of Integrity Governance

-Specialises in point of corporate inflection, and changes to corporate structure

-Previously: chief executive, chairman and director in numerous global companies

-International facilitator for the Australian Institute of Company Directors

Prior to establishing Integrity Governance over 17 years ago, John worked across a range of industries and held chief executive, chairman and director roles in a number of companies around the world. John’s extensive experience means he’s equipped to help you navigate growth, new markets, mergers, acquisitions and crises; and the pressures of new ownership, generational, economic or legislative forces .

John is a core international facilitator for the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and is an in-demand speaker and thought leader on board effectiveness, practical governance and business disruption. He’s a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, the Institute of Directors (UK), Financial Services Institute of Australia, a Board Leadership Fellow of the National Association of Corporate Directors (USA) and a member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.