Governance Insights

Are your board's CEO processes up to scratch?

November 2nd
CEOs are under immense pressure to lead, manage and deliver all-important growth in the current climate. As a result, it’s vital that boards work closely with and support the CEO…
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John Harte Financial Times letter on the importance of an independent governance review at the CBI

April 20th
Dear Sir, As a CBI member it’s sad to observe the current turmoil caused by poor leadership and a toxic culture at the organisation (“CBI fights for its reputation as…
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Why effective governance is critical in a recession

February 21st
Why effective governance is critical in a recession It is widely expected that there will be a global economic downturn over the next 12 months, with western countries, particularly those…
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How often should a Board Review be conducted?

February 6th
When should your organisation conduct a Board Review? Boards of organisations must wrestle with the important decision regarding how often they should conduct reviews to assess their performance. While boards…
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Realise the human aspect to deliver effective governance

January 24th
Delivering Effective Governance Effective governance involves people working together in a system, yet governance is too often approached in a purely legalistic or box ticking process-orientated way. Strong emotional and…
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How the board of directors should support the CEO in 2023

November 30th
How the board of directors should support the CEO in 2023 The economic headwinds of spiralling energy costs, high inflation and increased interest rates will probably lead to a recession…
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Webinar: Effective Governance In Family Firms

November 14th
Family firms face a unique set of challenges when it comes to governance. On the one hand, they need to ensure that the business is run in a professional and…
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Time for Neurodiverse boards

October 20th
Time for neurodiverse boards Many directors recognise that diversity on boards is no longer a nice to have in today’s world. It is a vital element…
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How to be an effective Chair during uncertain times

August 15th
How to be an effective chairperson during uncertain times Volatility and uncertainty remain as the world emerges from the Covid emergency, with the war in Ukraine, disruption of supply and…
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Review CEO Performance

July 10th
Many boards have been operating in emergency mode during the pandemic, and now they are facing yet another crisis with the conflict in Ukraine. Not only is the situation in…
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