Governance Insights

Time for family firms to sweat the governance

June 15th
Corporate Governance for Family Firms Family-owned businesses create substantial wealth, employment and opportunity in the communities they operate in. While many have decades, sometimes hundreds of years of successful operating…
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The evolving role of the company secretary in volatile times

May 18th
The evolving role of the company secretary This article first appeared in the National Housing Association UK. Company secretaries within housing associations,…
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How to deliver a smooth CEO transition

April 21st
When a new CEO has been appointed that is only the first part of the succession process complete. The second stage is the all-important transition – the transfer of roles…
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How to plan for CEO succession: Four key steps

April 12th
How to plan for CEO succession News stories on “The Great Resignation” have raised the profile of the ongoing and critical role of the board in succession planning. Effective boards…
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How to Create a Workplace Culture that Unlocks Growth

March 30th
This article first appeared in CEO Monthly For real, tangible business growth having a positive culture in the workplace is essential. This requires having healthy day-to-day attitudes, behaviours…
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Create an Alumni of Retired Board Members

March 18th
Create an Alumni of Retired Board Members This article first appeared on European Business Review Nine years is usually the maximum amount of time a director can serve…
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Creating a culture that unlocks growth

February 14th
It’s a good, positive company culture which encourages healthy day-to-day attitudes, ethics, behaviours and “ways of doing things around here” in an organisation. Importantly, it sets the foundations for real,…
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The new year's resolutions chairmen should be making and following in 2022

February 11th
The focus for any chairman in 2022 is on ensuring the board remains an effective decision-making asset that adds value in the way it enables oversight, accountability, strategy and policy.
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Seven ways to quickly and effectively onboard new directors

September 2nd
Effectively onboarding new directors As organisations navigate their way through the pandemic it’s more important than ever that new directors are able to hit the ground running, and make a…
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Who makes up a board of directors?

August 19th
A board should be structured so there is a balance between executive and non-executive members, there is a majority of non-executive directors, and there is at a minimum a critical…
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