Governance Insights

Time for boards to take succession planning seriously for directors, not just the CEO

July 12th
This article first appeared in the Institute of Directors Governance perspective series The appointment of the CEO is probably the most critical decision that a board makes. Given…
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For true diversity boards need to look beyond demographics

July 3rd
For true diversity boards need to look beyond demographics All boards strive to deliver effective decision making that adds value. To achieve this you need the right directors in place.
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How the company secretary’s role is set to evolve to continue to add value to the board

June 22nd
The evolution of the company secretary’s role This article first appeared in the European Business Review. The role of the company secretary in supporting board effectiveness can sometimes be…
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Risk Management: The risk of risk blindness

May 28th
The Risk of Risk blindness The pandemic has exposed the failure of many boards to effectively understand and predict risk. A large number have been blind to the impact of…
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What challenges can boards expect to face in 2021 and how can they overcome them?

May 18th
What challenges will boards face in 2021? This article first appeared in the EconoTimes Despite the vaccine programme being well under way boards…
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Panel discussion: Governance, Communication & Strategy For Family Firms

April 30th
Panel discussion: Governance, Communication & Strategy For Family Firms John Harte, Integrity Governance’s managing partner was recently part of a fantastic panel discussion with UK based organisation…
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At a time of great upheaval how can the CEO be effectively supported by the board?

April 26th
John Harte, the Managing Partner at Integrity Governance, has just been published in the UK’s leading business magazine – Business Matters. John goes on to discuss how during a period…
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What five factors will enable boards to be effective in the COVID era?

March 3rd
The fallout from the COVID health and economic crisis demands high-performing boards. In these turbulent times boards are under pressure as never before, as they try to juggle future direction…
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Why leaders need emotional intelligence in a virtual world

February 19th
By John Harte, Managing Partner of Integrity Governance Leaders pre-pandemic would be told to “walk the floor” and “read the room”, to be seen, available and accessible to…
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Five ways to manage the board in a time of crisis

February 11th
The pandemic has seen boards re-write business plans, challenge assumptions, change views on risk, rewards and opportunities. They have had to, as they arguably face the worst global economic…
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